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Robotics Society of Southern California

Pathfinder Rover was exploring the most recent meeting for the Robotics Society of Southern California. There were also interesting presentations on autonomous robots (Leaf Project) and Lego NXT Sensor Interfacing. Meetings are free and every second Saturday of the month. For more info go to http://rssc.org/node/1.

OC Interactive Meetup

Arxterra was on hand at the OC Interactive Group giving a presentation on Arduino Flash Based Control! Of course Rosco was on hand for a quick demo! Thanks to our own Jeff Gomes for setting everything up. More info on OC Interactive can be found at: http://www.meetup.com/Orange-County-MultiMedia-Association/

Rosco b1.0v Documentation

Here’s a preview of the Rosco b1.0v Documentation. This is still a work in progress but a good place to start getting some details on the project. 3d models will be posted soon!!!!   Also here’s a helpful spreadsheet (Bill of Materials) with links to vendors b1.0_build_instructions b1.0_BOM1

Arduino Enthusiast Meeting

Rosco and Pathfinder were on display at the monthly LA Arduino Enthusiast Meeting. Great turnout and interesting people from all backgrounds. If you’re in the area and love Arduino, a great meeting to check out! People of all ages and backgrounds! For more information on LA Arduino Enthusiasts go to: http://www.meetup.com/LA-Arduino/

A Guide to Getting Started

What is ROSCO/Telerobotics? Telerobotics is controlling robots at a distance — be it 3 feet away or half way around the world. ROSCO is the codename for RObot SCOut. This rover is made of entirely open source stuff — from the Arduino to the 3D-printed chassis and can be controlled over a web browser from […]

Pathfinder Rover Scan and Tilt 3D Models

Check in with us or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive the latest updates on the release of source code and other downloads as well as Arxterra Park news. We will also be linking our rover design prototype to Instructables and Thingiverse as soon as completed! Pathfinder Rover Scan and Tilt 3d Models […]

Arxterra’s First Blog

Just getting started everyone. This will be the place to post your own ideas and solutions to accomplish the goals of ArxTerra Parks. Post your rapid prototyping ideas, software and hardware solutions, even graphic design. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

Second Site Secured for Scenic Park!

Things are really picking up steam here at Arxterra! While we are putting the finishing touches on our kickstarter campaign, we have secured the rights to our scenic telerobotics park. Our scenic park will be located in sunny Southern California just south of Quail Lake off the old ridge route highway. Robots will have lots […]

Kickstarter Launch

Arxterra is set to launch a kickstarter campaign on April 2, 2013 to secure additional funding for the Pathfinder Mission. We have secured land in the high desert of California adjacent to an ancient volcanic crater. Eventually, this site will be the first Arxterra Park! Our first mission will be for our Pathfinder Rover to […]