3DoT(OLD: For Reference Only)


The combination of everything needed to control, power and operate simple robots or your own animated thing.

Battery and Motor Drivers

  • Provided onboard rechargeable battery with external capability.
  • Built-in motor drivers for external motor control

Arduino Based Program-ability

  • Easy to use library backed by the vast Ardunio ecosystem
  • Fully complete mission code, with tutorials to build your own

Bluetooth and App Integration

  • Remote controllable over Bluetooth from any device through a reconfigurable interface
  • Enhanced ability to control remotely from a web browser anywhere in the world

Enhanced "Shield" Abilities

  • Add additional functionality and controls for robots through the design of shields
  • Easy guides to create your own shield and PCB design

3Dot Chassis

Customizable skin for any appearance desired or let your own creativity fly.

3Dot Board

Dedicated to supporting the development of creativity, education, 3D printed objects and engineering of robotics.


3Dot V7.0

Current electronic microcontroller board solutions simply do not factor in the ten of hours required to print even the simplest robot. Our Micro-footprint 35 x 69 mm (1.38 x 1.73 inches) all-in-one Arduino compatible microcontroller board means moveable 3D objects can finally be designed and printed.

  • Provides built in servo and motor drivers
  • Space for on board battery or external Li-ion battery hookup
  • Integrated Bluetooth module
  • Hookup pins for analog and digital inputs/outputs
  • Includes micro-USB hookup for programming and debugging
  • Easily programmable through Arduino
  • Includes its own customizable IOS/Android control Application.
  • Provided custom Arduino Library with example code and pre-implemented functions
  • Access to JTAG on-chip testing from forward sensor connector.

The 3DoT Robotics board integrates everything you need to autonomously or remotely operate your own 3D printed thing.

Revision History

  • Version 6.41
  • Version 5.03
  • Version 4.54
  • Version 4.46
  • Version 4.45



The 3DoT board integrates all the components needed to create a small autonomous, RC controlled, or telepresent robot.

  • At the heart of your robot is an Arduino Leonardo based microcontroller unit (MCU), featuring an 8 MIPS (Millions of Instructions Per Second) 2-stage pipelined AVR RISC processor.
  • Power for your robot is provided by a single CR123A LiPo 650 mAh rechargeable battery with associated power protection, switching, and conditioning circuitry.  Plus, an integrated 3.7v Li-ion battery charger with battery level sensor circuit.
  • All digital logic powered from a 3.3v LDO (Low Dropout) regulator.
  • If your robot needs more power, bring your own Li-ion battery (SparkFun compatible JST connector included).
  • USB (Universal Serial Bus) serial communications circuitry allows you to upload your programs and download data.
  • An HM-11 Bluetooth module allows wireless communication with the ArxRobot Android/iPhone App and Arxterra control panel.
  • JST Connectors are provided for up to two (2) DC Motors and two (2) Micro or Ultra-Micro Servos.
  • To control your robot’s motors the 3DoT board includes a TB6612FNG motor driver.
  • Customize your robot with 8-pin forward sensor and 16-pin 3DoT Shields, also known as daughter boards.


  • Programs are written in the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
  • Pre-installed Arxterra 3DoT bootloader plus Robot3DoTBoard library  – fully customizable for your robot
  • Together this software suite running on the ATmega 32U4 microcontroller allows you to control a 2-wheel robot out-of-the-box using the FREE ArxRobot Android/iPhone App.
  • If the robot can hold your phone, then you can remotely control your robot from anywhere with an internet connection from the Arxterra Control Panel.

3Dot Shields / ARX Shields

3Dot – Shields designed to interface with the 3Dot board and provide enhanced capability and features.
ARX – Shields designed to interface with Arduino Uno/Mega

Default Layout

Completed: 7/2018

Basic shield layout placeholder.

3Dot Version: 7.0


Known Issues
  • Not complete
  • Missing some detail

3Dot Complete Robot Kit

Complete Robot packs: offered in different package levels, 3Dot board, 3D chassis and accompanying shields. 

Tier 1

See Details

  • 3Dot board.
  • Accompanying Shields.
  • Hardware (Nuts/Bolts/etc) needed to fully assemble your own 3D printed robot.
Perfect for:
  • Builders & Makers
  • Someone with access to a 3D printer

Tier 2

See Details

  • 3Dot board.
  • Accompanying Shields.
  • All hardware(Nuts/Bolts/etc) and all 3D printed pieces of the selected robot
Perfect for:
  • Tinkers & Builders
  • Someone without access to a 3D printer

Tier 3

See Details

  • 3Dot board.
  • Accompanying Shields.
  • Fully assembled 3D printed Robot
Perfect for:
  • Coders/Programmers
  • Mission Seekers

Dimensions: x” x” x”
Weight: x lb/x grams
Speed: x m/s
Sensors: Ultrasonic
Dimensions: x” x” x”
Weight: x lb/x grams
Speed: x m/s
Sensors: Ultrasonic


A six leg walker robot, with crawling action and ultrasonic sensors.


A two-legged servo walking robot, designed with sensors galore.

3Dot Robot/Mission Software

3Dot Software packages designed for particular robots or to operate particular missions.