Machine Code Workshop

Spring 2018: Biped Micro FOBO Final Blog Post

By: Miguel Gonzalez (Project Manager) Approved By: Miguel Garcia (Quality Assurance) BiPed Team: Miguel Gonzalez (Project Manager) Jeffery De La Cruz (MST) Jorge Hernandez (E&C) Mission Objective By: Miguel Gonzalez (Project Manager) Goal for this project is to design and manufacture a BiPed Robot. This robot will be slightly similar to the BiPed robot that […]

Final Arduino Code

By: Jordan Smallwood (Project Manager) Approved By: Miguel Garcia (Quality Assurance) 6-Wheel Differential: The six-wheel differential takes advantage of pin-change interrupts since most of the external interrupt pins are lodged within communication pins on the ATMega 2560. The way it works can be viewed here. Currently we are experiencing difficulties getting the software to work, this may […]