Rules Of The Maze (Robot Avoidance Rules and Strategy)- Part 2

Written by Nornubari Kanabolo MST DM Special Case 2.3(T-intersection) continued As Matt explained in the previous post, for 2 robots at a T-intersection: “In this case the robot that is within the intersection (in the middle of the T – intersection) has the lowest priority and must move out of the way of the other robots (if […]

Training on Arxterra 3DoT App RC Mode

Written By: Muhannad Al Mohamed (E&C DM) Objective The Arxterra 3DoT App training had a goal of teaching E&C and MST members how to use their phones to communicate with their projects through Remote Control Mode. The ArxRobot Application has two different modes of communication with the Robot’s Microcontroller. The Remote Control Mode (covered in this […]

Generic Color Sensor Hedge follower PCB Layout

Written by Charles Banuelos   The PCB design below is for a generic hedge following shield. The PCB is a work in progress with the finalizing of the dimension dependent upon the testing of the color sensors. The LEDs chosen are significantly larger than the previous design and this is due to availability.     […]

Generic Color Sensor Schematic

Written by Charles Banuelos  MFG DM-updated 11/29/2017 The schematic below is for a hedge following shield that will connect directly to the 3DoT board. The hedge following shield will connect to the 3DoT board using the same 6 pin header that is used for the 3DoT IR shield. The design follows Thomas Forman’s designs from EE444. The […]

Spring 2017 Final Blog Post – Pick and Place

Belinda Vivas (Project Manager) Tyler Jones (Manufacturing) Kevin Ruelas (Electronics) By: Chastin Realubit (MST) Executive Summary Program Objective By: Belinda Vivas (Project Manager) The objective of the Second Generation of the Pick and Place is to: ❖Build up from the First Generation of the Pick and Place machine and create an user friendly design. ❖Create […]

Fall 2016 Solar Panels: The Solar Panel Sandwich (the “Encapsulation”)

By Ridwan Maassarani (Design and Manufacturing) Approved by Inna Echual (Project Manager) Introduction In order to secure the cells onto the panel, one must consider the way of “sandwiching” the cells onto place. A rubber substrate was used for insulating the solar cells from the aluminum sheet. Here, I will review the “sandwich” method of encapsulation. […]

2016 Spring: 3DoT David Final Project Blog Post

By 3DoT David team: Omar Mouline                                 (Project Manager) Christopher Hirunthanakorn          (Missions, Systems and Test Engineer) Kent Hayes                                    (Electronics and Control […]

Spring 2016 3DoT Goliath Final Project Document

  By: Ayman Aljohani ( Project Manager) Team members: Ayman Aljohani (Project Manager) Tae Lee ( Mission and Systems Engineer) Kevin Moran (Electronics and control Engineer) Jerry Lui (Manufacturing Engineer) Executive Summary Objective The objective of the 3DOT Goliath is to design a small-scaled version of the Goliath Tank, as a toy, that meets the […]

Spring 2016: 3DoT David Software Design

BY: Christopher Hirunthanakorn (Missions, Systems and Test Engineer) Introduction: The purpose of this blog post is to summarize all of the work that has been done for the software design of the 3DoT David and inform the reader of the final state of the software. It will cover the software flow chart to introduce the tasks […]