Riverside Robot Expo 2013

Riverside Robot expo was awesome this year. Ran into some familiar faces and reconnected with some other maker groups. Vocademy is opening a Riverside Makerspace space in the area and we can’t wait to see what they start to offer. Thank you the the Riverside Robotics Society for putting this on.

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Northern California Maker Faire Tour!

We had a blast at all the Faires. It was Santa Rosa’s first shot at it and the people where great! East Bay Maker Faire was as expected from the people who bring you the larger Bay Area Maker Faire. We couldn’t leave our booths for either event! All in all a good trip. We met a lot of interesting makers and enthusiasts! See you next year!

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Rosco Models on Thingiverse

Models for Rosco have been published on thingiverse and are waiting to be printed and built! Download Rosco today and start building your own telepresence robot tomorrow!

Rosco Thingiverse Models


Arxterra Minimaker Faire Tour 2013



Good News Northern California! Arxterra is packing up Rosco and taking the show on the road in October for two special events near you.


First off is the Santa Rosa MiniMaker Faire on October 19th at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa. This event is being held in conjunction with the Santa Rosa Fall festival at the same location! This is a great

ebmmf2013opportunity for the maker community to reach out to those interested in DIY projects who aren’t familiar with maker Faires! Rosco will have to be on his best behavior!

Next we’re off to the East Bay MiniMaker Faire in Oakland, Ca, on October 20th at the Park Day School and District Art Center in the Temescal District. We look forward to an interesting weekend meeting makers and exchanging ideas! This Faire has been in planning for a while now and we’re looking forward the to checking out the Bay Area Scene!

Discounted tickets for the Faires are available from their respective web sites. Both events should be a great time and if you’re in the area, stop by our booth and say hello! Better yet, get your own telepresent robot up and running on our server so you can be featured at the Faires!

Contact arxterra@gmail.com for details. Hope to see you there!

OC Interactive Meetup

Arxterra was on hand at the OC Interactive Group giving a presentation on Arduino Flash Based Control! Of course Rosco was on hand for a quick demo! Thanks to our own Jeff Gomes for setting everything up.

More info on OC Interactive can be found at:


Rosco b1.0v Documentation

Here’s a preview of the Rosco b1.0v Documentation. This is still a work in progress but a good place to start getting some details on the project. 3d models will be posted soon!!!!



Also here’s a helpful spreadsheet (Bill of Materials) with links to vendors



Arduino Enthusiast Meeting

Rosco and Pathfinder were on display at the monthly LA Arduino Enthusiast Meeting. Great turnout and interesting people from all backgrounds. If you’re in the area and love Arduino, a great meeting to check out! People of all ages and backgrounds!

Two Roscos and a Pathfinder

Two Roscos and a Pathfinder

Dancing Follower Robots

For more information on LA Arduino Enthusiasts go to: http://www.meetup.com/LA-Arduino/