3Dot Advanced Lab

In the “Blink” example the frequency at which the LED blinked was controlled by the calls to the delay function. In this lab a potentiometer is used to increase and decrease the duty cycle of an external LED. Concepts introduced in this lab include wiring an external circuit to the 3DoT I2C connector, plus Arduino […]

Learn the basics on how to: Post to Github, Download from Github, and Upload Code to Arduino

By Tommy Sanchez

Typically instructions on posting repositories to Github can be a little confusing, the tutorial below can be used as a guide to hopefully get you posting quickly and without the confusion. The tutorial also shows how to go about downloading a Github file from any public repository. It’s useful to understand how to use Github, as robot communication code for Arxterra can be found on Github.

The Arxterra Gitub page is: https://github.com/arxterra. If you don’t know how to upload the code to Arduino this tutorial also gives a simple guide on how to do so.

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