Fall 2016 Solar Panels: Mission Profile Update

By Inna Echual (Project Manager)

Mission Profile Update

The team received the PDR debrief from meeting with the customer and the president. A concern of theirs was that our mission profile presented during the PDR (1) was not updated as the Chassis group in the Thursday class had changed their course to an area with a stronger WiFi signal and (2) was representative more of the Chassis group’s mission profile instead of ours.

Because of the two reasons, the team then developed a new mission profile which will clarify the confusion present in the current one.

Previous Mission Profile

The project will be demonstrated by charging  the pathfinder’s battery using solar panels in order to completing the course defined by the Spring 2016 AdBot rover, as shown in Figure 1. This course is on the California State University, Long Beach campus, specifically in front of the University Student Union building and will be conducted at night for better operation of the LiDAR sensor. 


Figure 1: Spring 2016 AdBot Rover Route

Updated Mission Profile

The project will be demonstrated by parking the Pathfinder in the Central Quad on California State University, Long Beach located at 33°46’40.7″N 118°06’48.9″W.  In addition to the location near the defined travel course, the parking spot was chosen as it had low traffic and free of shading. The parking spot is indicated in Figure 2.


Figure 2: Fall 2016 Parking spot