Pete-Bot Paper Shell

Written by Elizabeth Nguyen (Project Manager)


Pete-Bot requires an outer paper shell that covers the chassis. Its image should have a likeness of CSULB’s mascot Prospector Pete.


Provided by Professor Hill was a template to create a concept art for the Pete-Bot paper shell. The original image is of Optimus Prime.

Templates of Antenna, Base, and Arms

Templates of Head and Body


There are not a lot of pictures of Prospector Pete in the first place. This proved to be a challenge to create a concept art that can fit within the template. Also, no one in the Pete-Bot team has artistic experience, so a friend of the project manager was commissioned.

Time was another issue. In reality, this paper shell should have been worked on from the beginning. It required a concept art that would fit within the template and then worked on from there.

Current Image

My friend was able to draw a 360-view of Prospector Pete. Although it cannot be currently used for the template, it could be used for future reference.

Concept Art