Spring 2018: BiPed Preliminary Budget

By: Miguel Gonzalez (Project Manager & Manufacturing)

Approved by: Miguel Garcia (Quality Assurance)

updated: 4/29/2018

Related Requirement

L1-10: Micro FOBO shall not exceed a cost of $250 to construct.


Project BiPed is one of this semesters robot production division in which a bipedal robot will be designed, engineered, and produced by the end of the semester. One of the most important tasks of any project is to evaluate and determine the cost of production of said products. In this post, we will be looking at the estimated cost of producing the BiPed robot. These costs will solely rely on physical component cost and any design and research development cost will not be mentioned in this post.

As part of the requirements stated by the customer, a budget was set for each project divisions. This is a loosely budget of $250 in which all material bought can be reimbursed in full. Any additional items and/or services that exceeded this budget will be covered by the team members working on the project. To help reduce costs, the customer has allowed access to his lab stock inventory of electronics, hardware, and materials. Borrowed items will be included in the budget table but the costs of the items will not be included in the total money spent.

Fig.1 Spring 2018 BiPed Budget Table

Budget Table (for access to links found on the table)


The above table shows the cost of components we have used and purchased as of April 18, 2018. The budget table above is divided into ten separate columns indicating important information about the used and purchased products. In the left column are the names of the parts and items used by the team to produce the biped robot. To the right of the parts column, is a link section that allows viewers to find the same parts we used for this project online. The table is also set up for invoice collection for any items that were purchased these invoices/receipts are linked on the second column to the right of the table. The budget table tries to incorporate all useful information that may be needed for future part purchases, replacement of parts, and for reimbursements.

Overall, we wanted to make sure not to spend any unnecessary money and to reuse as many electrical components and hardware as we could. It is important to note that some additions to the table will be made as the project continues and more items are needed. Multiple hours of reading past blogs as well as research were done to reduce unnecessary consumption of resources and to allocate as much possible reused parts from previous semester projects. Our total expenditures as of April 18, 2018, is a grand total of $226.54 which is under the customer’s project funding of $250.


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