#3: High Level Requirements

Old Business

  • Research
    • You should have completed a review of the reference blog posts and appended any relevant historical blog posts associated with your project.

New Business

Assignment Due Dates

  • Research Presentation
    • In class presentation due next class. Please submit the powerpoint to the BeachBoard dropbox before class starts. Review the Research Presentation Template for additional information.
  • Draft Level 1 Requirments
    • BeachBoard drop-box at the end of the next class after the Research Presentation.
  • Continue Research and Evaluation

Lab Task

Requirement Evaluation Rubic

  1. Is the requirement, Quantitative, Verifiable, and Realizable?
  2. Is the requirement located at the correct level (1 – Program/Project, 2 – System/Subsystem)
  3. Is the requirement response to a higher level requirement or customer’s objective (Requirement Flow Down)? Is the linkage clearly defined?
  4. Does requirement provide links to the source material?
  5. Does the requirement move the design process forward?
  6. Are equations used to calculate a requirement provided and are answers correct?
  7. Is language in the form of a requirement?
  8. Avoid multiple requirements within a paragraph. (i.e., breakup statements that contain multiple requirements)
  9. The requirements that are missing are the hardest to discover and will be factored into your evaluation. Use your strawman design to help you find them.