Gear Train:

By: Victoria Osaji, Manufacturing and Development Engineer


The mechanical system we implemented was the gear train and it was designed to move the legs, head and tail. For the legs, the small gears have 10 teethes and big gears have 16 teethes. One of the small gears is actually a motor coupler as well that connects to the GM9 motor that will then drive the other gears to move.

Level 2 Subsystem below:

8. 3rd Generation Velociraptor (Th) shall control the head and tail movement with a single servo using gear trains.

11. 3rd Generation Velociraptor (Th) should control the body platform movement with a single servo using gear trains.

Motor Calculations:


To conclude, we will use 56 RPM at 3.7 Volts to drive the small gears to big gears. Since we have 35 RPM, (35RPM/60sec) =0.583 cycle per second for the big gears.