Still in Alpha and development. Access through contact only.

Android and IOS application designed for the easy development and control of any Arduino based robot project. Supports easy customization for control design of any robot with support for telemetry feedback. Allows the control of robots over Bluetooth and over the web remotely from anywhere through the companion control panel.


  • Connection to any Arduino based board over Bluetooth or USB*
  • Easy setup and creation of custom control buttons/commands
  • Easy setup of custom telemetry displays
  • Automatic encoding of command data
  • Supports GPS waypoints
  • Automatic camera feed support from Phone camera(s)
  • Connects with web-based control panel with support for multiple users.
  • Built-in debug controls

Usage Notes:

The current testing mode enables you to create your own Robot and Pilot names. At the Login screen, there is a field to enter the Robot name. There is another field in which to enter the Pilot name (or a comma-delimited list of acceptable Pilot names). The Robot and Pilot must NOT have the same name!

When you go on the Control Panel, you will see your Robot’s icon on the map only when you have “logged in” with a Pilot name you entered on the Robot app. To log in, click on the padlock icon near the upper right corner of the window. Names are case-sensitive! The password field is not checked at this time; you don’t need to enter a password.

*Requires the usage of the 3Dot Library

Version History

Alpha 0.1.180
– Fixed bug in the app’s implementation of Microcontroller Watchdog Timer mode OFF.

Alpha 0.1.175
– Changed battery labels and messages for consistency among Arxterra applications.
– Repositioned some icons for better portrait mode fit in Action Bar and Action Bar Menu Tray.
– Minor bug fixes.

Alpha 0.1.172
– In addition to the Robot Capabilities settings that configure ArxRobot to expect charge percent telemetry for clean (electronics) and/or dirty (motor) batteries, there is now also a configurable minimum safe charge percent threshold associated with each.
– When enabled, the respective battery gauge widget(s) now appear(s) in the ActionBar, and will display an alert message if the charge percent drops below the safe minimum.
– Control Panel gauges for the batteries now behave similarly, displaying a color change on the gauge itself and also alert messages in the Message Pod.
– Control Panel version Alpha 0.1.93 or newer required for full compatibility.

Alpha 0.1.155
– Added nudge buttons to SteeringTrim component.
– Various minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.
– Control Panel version at least Alpha 0.1.84 required for full compatibility.

Alpha 0.1.149
– Improved Bluetooth LE peripheral device auto-selection logic.
– Now restore previous RC tank mode sync button state when return from other views.
– Fixed sizing and scrolling of watchdog modes menu.

Alpha 0.1.147
– Revised watchdog timer setup logic for compatibility with new MCU firmware.
– Added steering trim, persisting between sessions and adjustable by pilot from RC Mode (adjustment by pilot from Control Panel will be implemented next).
– Refactored code for more robust support of Bluetooth LE on both iOS and Android.
– Added Bluetooth LE support for Android.

Alpha 0.1.136
– Improved interface adjustment for various screen resolutions.
– Continued to streamline startup and simplify interface for new users:
. Bluetooth LE attempts to connect to last-used device, if still available, and on first run attempts to connect to the first compatible device detected.
. Operational Mode now defaults to that last-used, and on first run assumes RC Mode.
. Operational Mode menu button moved to ActionBar for easy access.
. Selectors for as yet unimplemented features, such as the Peer-to-Peer op mode and the Position Sensors control mode for RC, are now completely hidden instead of just dimmed.
– Enabled iTunes file sharing for the iOS version, so developers don’t have to recreate Custom Command configurations from scratch on a new install.

Alpha 0.1.111
– Various minor bug fixes.

Alpha 0.1.107
– Fixed problem with watchdog timer when Motion Enabled set to false.
– Various minor bug fixes and performance tweaks.

Arxterra Arduino Uno USB OTG

Still in Alpha and development. Access through contact only.

Designed for prototype development for quick access to an Arduino UNO without the need of Bluetooth. Used to connect ArxRobot communications with an Arduino UNO (when using a OTG USB cable) and the 3Dot library.

Modified version of open source Arduino Uno Communicator App developed by mat jeppsson to enable high cpu usage of the Arxterra ArxRobot App. Enables serial communication between Arduino Uno and Andriod via serial port. Only need OTG cable and phone capable of USB hosting. Currently works with OS 3.1+ but hardware limitations of phone may affect functionality.