Electronics and Control Timeline

Week #1 – Welcome to The Robot Company

Before you get to class, it would behoove you to read The Robot Company Work Breakdown Schedule. There really is no other course in the curriculum like 400D. Just as the subtitle says, it is “The Robot Company”–not a course on how to build a robot. Though everyone should know how to do that by the end of the semester. This is the only course that I know of that even comes close to preparing engineers for actual workplace politics and responsibilities. Be warned, and be excited.

Week #2 – Introductions, Schedules, and Contact Information

  • Appoint 1 consistent meeting minutes secretary
  • Get everyone’s contact information, engineering backgrounds, and engineering work experience

After everyone has applied for jobs at The Robot Company, everyone who hasn’t dropped will receive a title. If the title you receive happens to E&C, congratulations: you are reading the correct document.

Shortly after jobs are assigned, the division manager will be prompted to organize their first division meeting: Just gather up the newly appointed E&C engineers into a corner of the room. Basic meeting organization is described in a powerpoint found in Meeting Agenda 2 called “Meeting Minutes”. Read this before you call the meeting.

The first order of business is to introduce everyone to everyone else in the division. Each member should provide their Name, Email address, School and Work Schedule, Project Title, and some information about what types of projects they have been or involved in inside or outside of school. Th division manager should make a table with this information to help decide when and where to hold weekly division meetings. The E&C division manager should read everything on this page and know that it’s their responsibility, for at least the first half of the semester, to train the E&C engineers in concepts related to embedded systems and to grade the rest of the engineers on their ability/progress.

This first meeting is just meant to introduce the topics and to make sure everyone downloads the right software and acquires the right components.

Each member should acquire the following:

  1. Arduino (Preferably pro micro or Arduino nano)
  2. Breadboard
  3. Jumpers / hook up wires
  4. Various resistors, capacitors, transistors, op amps, etc.
  5. A dedicated DC power supply (Wall rat or batteries)

Week #3 – Datasheets and Software

Training Goals

  • Appoint 1 consistent meeting minutes secretary
  • Download and obtain the necessary software
  • Lesson on how to read datasheets

Technical Training

The curriculum begins: It is necessary that the E&C division know how to quantify different signal types, and how to read datasheets.

Software List

Week #4 – Arduino Basics

Nothing here yet 

Week #5 – ?

Nothing here yet 

Week #6 – ?

Nothing here yet 

Week #7 – ?

Nothing here yet 

Week #8 – ?

Nothing here yet 

Week #9 – ?

Nothing here yet 

Week #10 – ?

Nothing here yet