Project Manager Timeline

Week #1 – Welcome to The Robot Company

Before you get to class, it would behoove you to read The Robot Company Work Breakdown Schedule. There really is no other course in the curriculum like 400D. Just as the subtitle says, it is “The Robot Company”–not a course on how to build a robot. Though everyone should know how to do that by the end of the semester. This is the only course that I know of that even comes close to preparing engineers for actual workplace politics and responsibilities. Be warned, and be excited.

Week #2 – Introductions, Schedules, and Contact Information

  • Appoint 1 consistent meeting minutes secretary
  • Get everyone’s contact information, engineering backgrounds, and engineering work experience

After everyone has applied for jobs at The Robot Company, everyone who hasn’t dropped will receive a title. If the title you receive happens to Project Manager, congratulations: you are reading the correct document.

Shortly after jobs are assigned, you should gather the rest of your group members and have everyone introduce themselves.

Each member should provide their Name, Email address, School and Work Schedule, and some information about what types of projects they have been or involved inside or outside of school. You should make a table of this information to help decide when to hold weekly meetings.

Week #3 – Define Mission Objectives

Working with the instructor, lab assistant, and fellow project managers define

  • The Mission Objectives and Constraints and Operational Objectives (“The Mission”)
  • Level 1 Requirements. Derived from “Stakeholder Expectations,” unless derived from a “Mission Constraint,” these requirements should not imply a robot or design solution.
  • Working with the MST engineer define Level 2 Requirements.

Week #4 – ?

Nothing here yet 

Week #5 – ?

Nothing here yet 

Week #6 – ?

Nothing here yet 

Week #7 – ?

Nothing here yet 

Week #8 – ?

Nothing here yet 

Week #9 – ?

Nothing here yet 

Week #10 – ?

Nothing here yet