Goliath Spring 2018 – L1 & L2 Requirements

By: Ryan Nguyen (MST Engineer)

Verified By: Ernie Trujillo (Project Manager)

Approved By: Miguel Garcia (Quality Assurance)


Level 1 General Requirements

  1. The robot shall be completed by May 15.
  2. The robot that is to be designed shall be done in such a way that it is relatively inexpensive, less than $250, preferably a laser cut model or 3D printable design.
  3. Since robots are to be operating through the maze simultaneously, the design should ensure that collisions are to be avoided in all situations.
  4. When printing 3D models for the project, any prototype print shall obey the 2/2/2 rule and shall take no more than 6 hours in sum. Projects may request a waiver with justification.
  5. Robots shall utilize a version 6 3DoT boards powered by the 3.7V RCR123A battery. Projects may request a waiver with justification.
  6. The robot will be designed in such a way that there are no dangling or exposed wires. Connectors will be used between all electronic and electromechanical components. Jumper wires will not be used, ribbon cables are preferred; the gauge of wires should be consistent with the current.  
  7. Good construction techniques: all moving and rotating parts shall use bushing or bearings, hinges shall be interlocking and include a latching mechanism. No gaps shall be greater than 1 millimeter, immediate access shall be provided to all external connectors (USB, switches).
  8. The robot shall record the user’s input and be able to repeat the previous route defined by the user. The software algorithm is defined in 400D E&C lab sequence.
  9. During teaching mode, ArxRobot app via mobile devices shall be used to teach the robot to navigate the maze.
  10. During the playback mode, the ArxRobot app shall transmit live video feed and telemetry to the Arxterra control panel, including battery level.
  11. The Robot disassembly time shall be 10 minutes. Projects may request a waiver with justification. All 3Dot boards will be clear of electronics, motors will be disconnected, all sensors will be disconnected.
  12. Reassembly time shall be 10 minutes. Projects may request a waiver with justification. All teams will be allowed to use a cable tree as well as an assembly diagram as necessary. All robots will be tested after reassembly to confirm its functionality.

Goliath Level 1 Requirements


L1 – 1 The Goliath will drive on flat surfaces, such as cloth, paper, linoleum.

L1 – 2 The Goliath shall be operational for 1-hour duration.

L1 – 3 The robot shall be a scale replica of a Goliath 302 Tank. The scale factor will be 1:11.5 with a mean

          square error (MSD) over all three axis (x, y, z) of no greater than 10%.

L1 – 4 The total cost of the goliath shall be no greater than $200.

L1 – 5 The Goliath shall have easy access to charging and programming hookup.

L1 – 6 Goliath shall house a custom PCB and use control telemetry shall to navigate the maze.


L1 – 7 The Goliath should make tank noises.

L1 – 8 Goliath shall detect and avoid other robots in the maze.


Goliath Level 2 Requirements


L2 – 1 The mass of the Goliath shall not exceed 400 grams. Goliath L1-3

L2 – 2 The Goliath shall be smaller than 5x4x3 inches. Goliath L1-3

L2 – 3 Goliath shall use IR range finder to detect objects. Goliath L1-7

L2 – 4 Goliath’s final version shall be printed with ABS plastic. General 3

L2 – 5 The Goliath shall be power by a single 3.7v RCR123A battery. General 6



L2 – 6 Main PCB shall have two UV sensors, UV LED, Gyro, and connectors to range-finder. Goliath L1-6

L2 – 7 Arx-robot App will have different operating control modes and direction pad to control Goliath’s

          movement. Goliath L1-6

L2 – 8 Goliath shall have 4 x 10 mm cut out on back of Goliath to provide access to charging and

          programming hookup. Goliath L1-5

L2 – 9 The Goliath will not have any electrical parts mounted outside. General Level 1-7

L2 – 10 The Goliath should have a latched lid. Interlocking mechanism. General Level 1-8

L2 – 11 The Goliath shall detect objects 10 inches in front. Goliath L1-8

L2 – 12 Goliath will have all-terrain tracks. Goliath L1-1

L2 – 13 The Goliath shall have 10 gears. Goliath L1-1

L2 – 14 The Goliath shall have 2 motor(s), located in the back of the chassis. Goliath L1-1


  1. Goliath 2017 PDR
  2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cyjXSxK7dr–Xwo8d_XS3zJ5vIeamPyu2YjNbjs5Hzw/edit