ModWheels 3DoT v 5.03 Integration and Test

By: Lucas Gutierrez (Project Manager) & Matt Shellhammer (Electronics & Control Engineer)


As of Tuesday, December 12th, 2017, ModWheels does not have an operational v. 5.03 3DoT.  ModWheels was given a v. 5.03 on Monday, December 11th, 2017 without a Bluetooth module (HM-11) or a battery holder.  After soldering the HM-11 and battery holder, a test was done and motors and peripheral subsystems encoders could not be powered simultaneously.  Due to this, along with the HM-11 being inoperable, ModWheels decided to revert back to the SparkFun ProMicro microcontroller for continued prototyping until 3DoT issues have been resolved.


To fulfill the customer’s request, ModWheels will incorporate the 3DoT as its choice for a micro-controller.  As of 11/15/2017, the most recent EE 400D class, the 3DoT v 5.03 was available for in-class testing.  When the 3DoT v 5.03 becomes available for long term usage, a more thorough blog post will cover its the testing and integration with respect to the ModWheels project.

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