ModWheels Power Budget

By: Andrew Yi (Mission, Systems, & Test Engineer)
Approved By: Lucas Gutierrez (Project Manager)


The 3DoT Board is comprised of key components that each draw current from the battery.  The boost receives input from the battery directly, and in turn provides power to the LDO. The power report has been updated per the Division Manager and modified to each individual project.
Figure 1: Power Budget
Figure 2: Power Budget
The test report for the GM-6 motors can be seen here:
The test report for the servo can be seen here:
2 color sensors and 2 shaft encoders are being used on our toy robot and the totals have been placed in the spreadsheet.  The motors and the servo will be pulling most of the current from our system, but the tests show us that they won’t impact the project’s power.
Figure 3: Power Budget
Figure 4: Power Budget
The margins for the LDO, Boost, and battery allow for a large margin for additional components.  Power Budget 4.png shows the estimated battery run time of our toy robot.  With current components, the ModWheels robot has the power capabilities to accomplish the mission.