Parts list and projected cost


By Tuan Vo, Project Manager 

Quantity Name Purpose Cost per unit Vendor
1 Arduino Nano Microcontroller $17.50  (Amazon)
1 Epoxy-Resin for Carbon Fiber Build structure $32




2 Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber Cloth Fabric Plain Weave 50″ 12k 300gsm Build structure $47 Ebay, elitemotoring)


1 Electric Styrofoam cutter Build Structure $39 Ebay- jossynicky0806)


1 Magic-Sculpt self-hardening epoxy modeling clay 1 lb. Build Structure $28.5 (Ebay,artplace)


2 Foam block Build Structure $30 (Michael’s Arts)
20 Connectors (Generic and assorted) Interface $30(total) JK Electronics
1 Switch Safety on/off $3 JK Electronics
2 Perforated board Connection and interfacing $7 JK Electronics


Schedule (from beginning of project)

Tasks (by team member):

Tuan Vo: Build Body, integrate subsystems, assemble body, test microcontroller, develop safety cutoff, prototype connections and general electrical assembly.

Jake Rice: Test IMU, develop control codes, test control of flight, interface communications with control.

Juan Motano: 3D modelling (omitted from schedule), develop communications, test communications, develop communication code, interface communication with control.