Sojourner Fall 2017: Project Budget

Sojourner Team | By Daniel Y. (Project Manager)

The following table represents the final budget for the Fall 2017 Sojourner Project.

ItemVendorUnit Price($)QuantityTotal Cost ($)
(Post Tax)
Used in Final Design? (Yes/No)
Micrometal Motor DiskPololu Robotics0.6953.45Y
Micrometal EncoderPololu Robotics8.9518.95Y
Proximity SensorAmazon10.95110.95Y
TOR Rangefinder SensorAmazon24.95124.95Y
RGB Color SensorAmazon8.9418.94N
28 Gauge Copper WireAmazon11.01111.01Y
Lego Differential GearAmazon14.9114.9Y
Micrometal Gear MotorsPrimoroni9.39874.12Y
Custom PCBOSHPark35.40135.40Y
PCB StencilsOSHPark12.25112.25Y
3D Printing ServiceCampus10110Y
Msc. Components for Custom PCBSee Blog Post for F17 Sojourner BOM40.05140.05Y
Project Budget:250