Spring 2016 3DOT Goliath, CDR Debrief

By: Ayman Aljohani (Project Manager)


Critical Design Review(CDR), is an important phase of the project, it presents the design of the project. It also provides a clear view on the project standing and percent completion.

After presenting our CDR, we were debriefed by the president, and the customer on our presentation content .

Here is  the debrief summary:


Title Page:

Was good, nothing to comment on.

Executive Summary


Too much information was provided in  the executive summary


Keep it short and simple

Only explain the major features of the project

System Design


Missing 3Dot Components on the System Block Diagram

Poly fuses


LIPO Charger


Paul commented that the color coding on the system block diagram and  the legend, it was easy to follow. 

Experimental Results:


Problem with the analog Schmitt trigger

However, Elec. Engineer, Kevin,  found out the problem and fixed the output of the threshold voltage on 4/20/2016.  The president is also notified about the fix on the threshold voltage issue.

Our goal of the Schmitt trigger is to convert analog signal to a digital signal.

Subsystem Design

No comment, it was good.

Interface Design


messing 3DOT components.


Include 3Dot components

Custom PCB Design


 The custom PCB  was not designed to be able to attach onto the 3Dot board as a shield.  The point of this design is to avoid the number of wires being used to connect to the microcontroller.


Have custom PCB attach to the 4 pins on the 3Dot.

For future design reference it will follow a similar design shown by the following site:


Software Design


The lockdown code that will disable the robot after 3 hits from the enemy was not included.

Verification & Validation Test Plans

Everything was good for the verification and validation test plans.

Project Updates


Smartsheet is good to use  


 The actual cost of the free items was not included 

Fix the uncertainty for the resource report, it should be zero uncertainty. 

WBS should not have a repeated loop process

Project Demonstration

it was a good demo.