Spring 2018 3DoT Hexy: Mechanical Drawings (Preliminary/Final)

By: Eduardo De La Cruz (Project Manager and Manufacturing Engineer)

Approved by: Miguel Garcia (Quality Assurance)


Below are the sketches for our 3DoT Hexy design. Sketches are susceptible to change. All changes will be logged in this blog post in future iterations. The first iteration will be considered our preliminary design which we label as 3DoT Hexy Mk-01. Future revisions will be labeled as iteration “n”:  3DoT Hexy Mk-0n. Note this blog post does not contain reasoning or explanation for why things look the way they are, for that you should read  Spring 2018 3DoT Hexy: 3D Model. This blog post just contains the dimensions of all components that will be 3D printed.

3DoT Hexy Mk-02 (Final Design) – (April 28, 2018)


Bottom Panel 

Figure 1: Bottom Plate Dimensions

Top Panel 

Figure 2: Top Plate Dimensions 


3 Types of Femurs 

Figure 3: Three Types of Femurs 


Middle Femur Dimensions 

Figure 4: Middle Femur Dimensions

Outer Femurs Dimensions

Figure 5: Front Femur Dimensions 

Note: The back leg will have the same measurements with extrude-cut on opposite side.

Figure 6: Side View of femurs split in half showing Leg lifting ramp


Figure 7: Tibia Dimensions

Femur-to-Gear Joints

Figure 8: Femur-to-Gear Joint Dimensions

Sensors Enclosure

Figure 9: Sensor Enclosure 

Figure 10: Front and Back View Dimensions 

Figure 11: Top and Bottom View Dimensions 


Figure 12: Side View Dimensions 


Figure 13: Front Split in half view  

Hardware Enclosure

Figure 14: Hardware Enclosure 

Figure 15: Side View Dimensions 

Figure 16: Top View Dimensions 

Figure 17: Split in Half View 

Wire Tube

Figure 18: Wire Tube Dimensions 

3DoT Hexy Mk-01 (Prototype) – (March 15, 2018)



Bottom Panel

Figure 19: Bottom plate dimensions 

Top Panel

Figure 20: Top plate dimensions 


3 Types of Femurs 

Middle leg                       Outer Legs

Figure 21: Femur Dimensions

Note: The back leg will have the same measurements with extrude-cut on opposite side.  


For all 3 femurs

Figure 22: Section view of leg lifting ramp in femurs



4 Outer Tibia

Figure 23: Outer Tibia Dimensions 

2 Inner Tibia

Figure 24: Inner Tibia Dimensions 

T-Joints (Gear-to-Femur Joints)

The T-Joints will connect the gears to the femur using 2.5 mm screws

Figure 25: Dimensions of T-joints