General Guidelines

  1. Blog Post includes a Featured Image. Feature Image is square. Unless you want your featured image displayed as part of your blog post, check the “Don’t display image on single” box.
  2. Blog Post includes Authors Name and position.
  3. A Blog Post should include an (a) Introduction, (b) Body, and (c) Conclusion
  4. Plagiarism: Blog post does not include material from a previous post or another website. If you are using calculations from a previous semester’s blog post or website, simply include a link to the post that contains the information. There are exceptions to this rule. If you are not sure ask the instructor.
  5. Use WordPress Advanced Editor. You will find this editor useful for many things, including adding bullet points and numbered lists.
  6. Text within an image, figure, or table is readable when expanded. Make sure to proofread to catch any English (spelling and grammar), Typos, and other errors.
  7. Code is single spaced, courier font.
  8. Photos, Figures, Tables, Graphs, (a) include a number and title, (b) annotated, (c) and include helpful explanatory text. Your explanatory text should demonstrate an understanding of the material, (d) are original to your project. Otherwise cite your source.
  9. Photos have been resized (do not stretch or distort the image), compressed, and have a resolution of 72 dpi. Only upload individual photos once.
  10. Use the Preview Function so you can view what the post will look like when it goes live. This will allow you to make any final corrections or changes.

Arxterra Unique Guidelines

  1. Blog Post should be Technically Correct and Up-to-date.
  2. Trade-off Studies include a column for requirements.
  3. Resource Reports include source of value provided. For example, “inherited hardware.”
    Citation / Guided Reference under figure.
  4. Fritzing Diagram post should include a photo of the completed breadboard.
  5. Only Post to your Project Area

Task Matrix

  1. Each blog post should have a Single Link provided in the task matrix. On a task which you believe is covered by a previous blog post, put a reference to the initial post. For example: “See,” where task would provide a link to the blog post.
  2. Within the task matrix, do not include links to Google Documents.