Weight Resource Report

By Kristine Abatay – Project Manager
& Simon Abatay – 3D Modeling & Manufacturing

The following tables are the weight resource reports for Spiderbot.

This first table shows the various masses that we initially predicted. The masses for the parts that were 3D printed (Chassis, Femur, Tibia, Pan & Tilt) were taken from estimates provided by SolidWorks with the properly chosen materials.


This second table is  the final weigh in of all of Spiderbot’s parts, with a slight estimate on the ‘Wire Mesh, Screws, etc.’ row.


Ultimately, a majority of the parts weighed much less than what was predicted. The value that did increase was the femur portion, but that is understandable seeing as to how that particular piece was designed to hold two servo motors, so more weight is welcomed in that area.

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