#1: Welcome to TRC “The Robot Company”

Quote of the Day

“…I hit the interview with Northrop-Grumman out of the park. I had the one interviewer leaving the room saying he wanted his money back from his undergrad after hearing about the content I learned being in EE400D.”

Lab Task

1. The Robot Company Work Breakdown Schedule

  • Over the semester it is critically important that you understand what your responsibilities are within the project. Just as important is an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of your fellow engineers. To gain this knowledge and to help you find your place in the class, please read The Robot Company Job Descriptions.
  • Check out Getting Started tab on the Arxterra website. Specifically, click on the “Training/Resource Documents” for an idea of what you will be learning and working on over the semester.

  • As an incentive and reward for reading and taking notes on the above material a quiz will be given next week. You may reference your notes (1 page) during the quiz.

2. Write and Submit Cover Letter and Resume

Your first writing assignment is to generate and submit a Job Application to The Robot Company. This will be great practice for the cover letters and resume you will be writing for the upcoming job fairs. The hyperlinked document includes everything you will need to get started, including:

  • Functional versus Written Cover Letter
  • Tips from real companies, like Beckman Coulter on Resume Writing and Interview Skills
  • What we at The Robot Company are looking for in your cover letter and resume.
  • Sample Cover Letters and Resumes
  • How to submit your cover letters and resume to The Robot Company.
    • Your cover letter and resume should be in a single pdf document. The Name of the Document should be your name Joe Smith.
    • Submit your cover letter and resume in your EE400D Beachboard Dropbox, no later than Friday Noon.
  • Grading Rubric