#4: Derived Requirements and Modeling

Old Business

  • Mission Objectives and Constraints plus Level 1 Requirements
  • First Draft of the Task Matrix

New Business

    1. Make sure Blog is posted to the correct location on the website. Do not post to more than one area. If we cannot find it we cannot grade it.
    2. Clearly identify project member(s) who and how they contributed to the post. If this information is not included then no grade can be assigned.
    3. Do not plagiarize material. For example if you use a photo, as a minimum provide source. See University “Cheating and Plagiarism” policy for more on this topic.
    4. Failure to follow any of the following directions will result in an automatic grade reduction.
      • Once posted only your “Introductory” paragraph should appear on the project page with a “Read more à” link.
      • Blog post must include a square teaser photo.
      • All blog post must include image(s) for illustrative purposes. See Blog Post 101 and Advanced Editor Basics to learn how to format images for upload. Failure to “optimize” images result in long periods of time from upload to the photo appearing within your blog post. This often leads to multiple uploads, with the instructor spending time deleting photos in the media folder.
      • Please use courier font and single spacing on Code examples.
    5. New blog posting Hierarchy
      1. All members can create a new post for their project and generate material
      2. Project Managers can create and edit all members posts and must approve a post for review
      3. Quality Control Engineer reviews posts in “Review” status and publishes or kicks post back to the Project manager

Assignment Due Dates

  • Level 2 Requirements
    • BeachBoard drop-box by Friday night.
  • First Draft of Task Matrix
    • This should be a list of planned or current work for each project member. Ideally, it should cover the entire semester but the main focus should be the next several weeks.
    • Due to the BeachBoard Dropbox by Friday night.

Lab Task

  • Division Training
  • Projects should continue to work on Task Matrix and Level 2 Requirements.

Design Process and Modeling

  1. Draw a preliminary sketch of the design
  2. Make a back of the envelope calculation
  3. Conduct a trade-off study
  4. Model the System
  5. Mathematical Model
  6. Computer Simulation
  7. Full-scale Prototypes
  8. Scale Model