Budget Report

By Mason Nguyen, Project Manager

For a project, it is important to have well prepared detailed budgets cost in order to meet its goals and objectives. Detailed budgets will be included with the name of the item, item quantity, production location, shipping cost and total cost. Here is our final budget report.


Following from the presented mission objective budget that was stated here (https://www.arxterra.com/mission-objective/), our team managed and maintained the budget within $500 range. In comparison to previous projects, our budget seems to be the lowest because we used an ADK board where it has a built in USB slot. Link to ADK board (https://www.arxterra.com/hexapod-adk-board/)  

However, for the Arduino Uno it does not have a USB slot so the user needs to buy another board that has a USB slot and connect it them together.  In addition, the Arduino Uno does not provide enough space to connect all 18 pins for the servos. It requires the user to use two ADA fruit servo shields to connect all the pins together.  Our team budget could have been less than $500 since we only needed 18 servos to operate the hexapod but we added an additional servo as a phone holder to observe and scan the area.