Casting the parts

By Vinh Kim, 3D model and manufacturing

 figure 1

Figure 1: Here we will be using Smooth-Cast 300.

 figure 2

Figure 2: I used rice to measure the volume or you could go online at to use a Material Calculators “How much liquid plastic do I need?”

figure 3 

Figure 3: Using the resin molding Smooth-Cast 300, we will be mixing .55 oz for cup A in one and .55 oz for cup B. During the mixing process, make sure to pour the liquid from cup A into cup B and blend it fast (the resin will harden in 3 minutes so make sure to mix it fast) and carefully pour the combined mixture into the rubber.

At this time, the resin will turn white, so let it cool down for about 15 to 30 minutes than take it apart. Now, you have to wait about 10 to 14 more hours, before the casted parts can be machined.

figure 4

Figure 4: Casting done.