Goliath Fall 2017

Goliath 3Dot 4.54

Mark Huffman (Project Manager)

3Dot Version Compatibility

By Mark Huffman (Project Manager)

While waiting for the new 3Dot board (5.03) the 3Dot 4.54 version board is being used for development. Physically the boards are nearly the same. The only major change that affects us is the placement of headers and connectors. On the new board, there are two separate locations to connect I2C devices. So, our devices can route to which is more convenient.

Our current plan is to design everything with the now working 4.54 but, keep in mind and be compatible with the new 5.03 board. Currently, all software tests, breadboarding and testing have been conducted on the 4.54. The goal is the new board will just be plug and play.

3Dot Testing

By Mark Huffman (Project Manager)

As part of using the older 3Dot board for development, its various functions have been used and tested. The status of this key functions is as follows:

Motor Drivers – Both work correctly as the speed and both motors are controllable

Connector 1 – Working as all external breadboarded sensors are connected to this header

Connector 2 – Not used (Not Tested)

Servo Connector – Not used (Not tested)

USB – Working code is uploadable, device is discoverable and battery is chargeable

Bluetooth – Working (yet is very temperamental sometimes)

Overall the board is operating and works correctly.