Goliath Fall 2017

Recommended Custom Telemetry & Custom Commands

Mark Huffman (Project Manager)


By Mark Huffman (Project Manager)

The purpose of this document is to define telemetry visuals and custom commands required in Arxterra to control the Goliath during the mission. These definitions will be used in the software design on both the application side and the internal operating code of the Goliath. These commands may be subject to change if some are not possible to achieve or new ones are discovered.

Telemetry Visuals

By Mark Huffman (Project Manager)

  1. Row and Column number – Display the current row and column position while within the maze. Display in every operating mode.
  2. Next Turn Direction – Display the next turn direction when operating in either of the autonomous modes. (Left, Right, Around)
    1. If Possible, will require using which way to look forward along the route at the next turning intersection.
  3. Current Operating Mode – Display the operating mode as Predetermined, Record Mode, Playback Mode or Avoidance Route
    1. May not be needed as selecting modes, will display whichever mode is selected and active already.
  4. Heading Direction – Display the current heading (North, South, West, East) based on heading up the maze being north.
  5. Obstacle Detected – Display if something is being detected in front of the Goliath or not (Object detected, No object detected)
    1. A simple true or false for “Is something detected” would suffice
  6. Battery Level – Display the current battery level as a percentage.
    1. Already a part of the 3Dot library and Arxterra app just needs to be enabled.

Custom Commands

By Mark Huffman (Project Manager)

  1. D-PAD input – Pressing a direction indicates to the Goliath to move along the maze one square in the intended direction. (Example: Facing north, command sent to “move right”: Goliath turns to the right and then moves one square west)
    1. This is a built-in interface, it must be selected over tank treads and will require overwriting the MOVE function.
  2. Mode Selector Radio Buttons – Predetermined Route, Record Mode, Playback Mode, Avoidance Mode
    1. Will set the new operating mode internally and reset all internal parameters to the start location of the maze.
  3. Allow Movement Switch – On or Off switch
    1. When on Goliaths motors will continue operating. When off Goliath will stop moving.
  4. Obstacle Avoidance Switch – On or Off switch
    1. When on obstacle detecting and active avoidance will be active. When off Goliath should not detect objects.