Goliath Fall 2017

Final Print Model

Vanessa Enriquez (Manufacturing Engineer)
Approved By: Mark Huffman (Project Manager)


Vanessa Enriquez (Manufacturing Engineer)
Approved By: Mark Huffman (Project Manager)

Overall the design changes made to improve the ratio were successful, the execution was where I ran into the problems mentioned in a previous post [1]. The added cut outs for the LED display and the i/o port worked as expected. The IR sensor was not used in the mission. An improvement on that cut out can include flaring out the tunnel to avoid discrepancies in the readings. The color sensor cut outs were not used and the speaker holder was removed from the top panel.

Figure 1 – Final Goliath F17 Model

Final Print Time

Vanessa Enriquez (Manufacturing Engineer)
Approved By: Mark Huffman (Project Manager)

The preliminary time is an estimate presented by [   ] software, where the priority is to meet the printing time requirement. Each part should not take more than 2 hours and the total will be maintained under 6 hours. The final column reflects the final print times, where functionality and a clean finish are the focus.

Table 1 – Preliminary vs final print times

Final Ratio Update

Vanessa Enriquez (Manufacturing Engineer)
Approved By: Mark Huffman (Project Manager)

By using the final length dimension (4.625 in.) as the reference, the ideal height and width for the final F17 goliath were calculated below.


Lratio:Wratio:Hratio = 1:0.567:0.37

F17 initial Goliath Dimensions:

4.625×3.313×2.0 inches

Ideal F17 Goliath ratio calculations:

Reference factor: 4.625 in.

L  = 4.625*Lratio = 4.625in*1 = 4.625 in

W = 4.625*Wratio = 4.625in*0.567 = 2.622 in

H  = 4.625*Hratio = 4.625in*0.37=  1.711 in

F17 ideal Goliath dimensions:

4.625×2.622×1.711 inches

Ideally, the scale down model will measure 4.625×2.622×1.711 inches; whereas, the actual dimensions are 4.625×3.313×2.0 inches. The sum of the %error based on the 4.625 in. reference factor is 43.3%.

F17 final Goliath Dimensions:

LfinalxWfinalxHfinal = 4.625×3.313×2.0 inches

F17 ideal Goliath dimensions:

LidealxWidealxHideal = 4.625×2.622×1.711 inches

% Error F17 Goliath Dimensions = %Lx%Wx%H = 0x26.4×16.9 %

%L = [|(Lideal-Linitial)/Lideal|]*100 = [|(4.625-4.625)/4.625|]*100 = 0%

%W = [|(Wideal-Winitial)/Wideal|]*100 = [|(2.622-3.313)/2.622|]*100 = 26.4%

%H = [|(Hideal-Hinitial)/Hideal|]*100 = [|1.711-2.0)/1.711|]*100 = 16.9%

The final prints were scaled up unequally to compensate for the shrinking factor of ABS. This resulted in an increase in the sum of the % error.

Figure 2 – Actual dimensions 4.625×3.313×2.0 inches (LxWxH)

At the customer’s request, the final product should include a major turning axis to help keep the structure of the body. Lastly, the final product should be treated with acetone to improve its appearance as far as threading on the surface.