UFO Generation #2

Building the UFO 1.02 (Code Name: George Michael)

By Tuan Vo, Project Manager For this new build, we are shooting for a perfect looking UFO with all the right curves and moves.  To do this, Juan Montano uses his extreme Solid Works skills to import the skills to create a working prototype of this UFO.  From the dimensions of a 2D picture of […]

Building the UFO 1.01 (Code Name: Buster)

By Tuan Vo, Project Manager First attempt. For our build, we will be using a foam body sandwiched between two stiff and flat carbon fiber donuts.  We will use a clay mold to form a carbon fiber shell top piece that will give the UFO its characteristic dome shape.  The fans mount into the top […]

Wireless Remote Communication Using XBee Radios

By Jake Rice The Remote Control In order to meet the requirement of wireless communication between the UFO and the user, the UFO was equipped with an XBee radio. A remote control with 2 joysticks to enable the user to control the UFO was also equipped with an XBee radio. The joysticks control 2 10k-ohm […]

Implementing the Air Ducts

By Juan Montano Hello all, this study was made to determine if the air duct would be able to resolve our issue with having fans rotating in one direction. First of all, we would like to see how our fan performs as of now. Below, you would see the fan blades that we currently have: […]

Dimension Determination

By Juan Montano In this study, we will try to determine the appropriate dimensions for the UFO. To meet the customer’s requirement that it should look like the UFO from the movie, the day the earth stood still, we worked off of the picture (shown below) that he thought best represented the UFO from that […]

New Components, Part 3

By Tuan Vo, Project Manager Material of aircraft: To build the body of the aircraft, we have decided to go with plastic foam.  A 12”diameter X 4”high wheel of foam weighs in at 98grams.  We will cut the foam to mount the fans and components using a hot knife. In this project, one of the […]

New Components, Part 2

By Tuan Vo, Project Manager Battery: When picking the battery, three requirements must be taken into consideration.  1) the battery must have enough power to run the fans for the required amount of time.  2) the discharge rate must be high enough to provide the fan with required current to operate. 3) weight must be […]

New Components, Part 1

By Tuan Vo, Program Manager Introduction: Weight is the number one factor when determining our components that will be used on our aircraft. As stated in the Preliminary Design Document, we decided to use the fans and speed controllers given to us. Purpose: To identify and expatiate on the equipment and materials selected for the […]

Parts list and projected cost

  By Tuan Vo, Project Manager  Quantity Name Purpose Cost per unit Vendor 1 Arduino Nano Microcontroller $17.50  (Amazon) 1 Epoxy-Resin for Carbon Fiber Build structure $32   (Ebay,polymerproducts)   2 Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber Cloth Fabric Plain Weave 50″ 12k 300gsm Build structure $47 Ebay, elitemotoring)   1 Electric Styrofoam cutter Build Structure $39 […]

Resource Report

By Tuan Vo, Project Manager   The weight of the aircraft must be of proportion to the amount of thrust the propulsion components can support.  This resource reports defines resource as all components, power, and mass requirements related to the aircraft. Study by Juan Montano on components and mass provides us with total mass when powered […]