3DoT Goliath

Eagle CAD Training

Written By: Muhannad Al Mohamed (E&C DM) Objective This blog is intended to introduce Eagle CAD designing application to members to be able to design schematics for electronic circuits. The members of the E&C division are required to know how to make schematics of customed printed circuit boards (PCB) for their corresponding projects. These schematics can be […]

Goliath Fall 2017 Verification and Test

Written by Nornubari Kanabolo MST DM Verification and Testing In order to verify and test the Goliath, the requirements needed to be updated. Updated requirements can be found in this blog post. Goliath testing is complete for the most part, but some tests still need to be done before 2pm on December 13th, 2017. The verification and tests […]

Rules Of The Maze (Robot Avoidance Rules and Strategy)- Part 2

Written by Nornubari Kanabolo MST DM Special Case 2.3(T-intersection) continued As Matt explained in the previous post, for 2 robots at a T-intersection: “In this case the robot that is within the intersection (in the middle of the T – intersection) has the lowest priority and must move out of the way of the other robots (if […]