Biped Generation #1

Micro BiPed Introduction

Mission Objective: The project mission is inspired by the BiPed designed by Jonathan Dowdall of Project Biped, completed in previous semesters of EE 400D. The goal is to scale down the BiPed design by changing standard servos to micro servos to yield the μBiPed, which will result in design changes to the robot. The robot […]

Spring 2014 Biped Final Thoughts

By Kevin Huynh, Project Manager Tasks Complete: Alternative movement code to the one provided by projectbiped and robot poser. Alternate code includes statically stable forward walk, left turn, right turn, and obstacle avoidance code. Remote control of ROFIA through Arxterra. ROFIA can be commanded to stand up straight, walk forward, turn left, and turn right. Servo overcurrent […]

Biped Movement Codes

By Kevin Huynh, Project Manager / Computer Systems and Software Objective: This blog will focus on the ideas behind how the code from projectbiped and the code from Spring 2014 handle the animation playback for walking and turning. It will also go into the reason for the switch. ProjectBiped Code : The most recent code can be […]