Prosthetic Arm

S17 Prosthetic Arm: Final Document

Final Documentation including Critical Design Review Information and files on all the final designs and codes.

S17 Prosthetic Arm: Critical Program Module/Firmware

This shows the iterative design process that was used in the development of the code for the prosthetic arm.

S17 Prosthetic Arm: Custom PCB Layout Design

To satisfy L1.5 Custom PCB Requirement – The prosthetic arm shall implement a custom printed circuit board (PCB) that incorporates a complexity of design, implementing at least 2 layers, and includes the use surface mount components.

S17 Prosthetic Arm: Gear Test

This posts serves as a test of the gears that are going to be used wit the servo to rotate the wrist of the prosthetic arm that also rotates the prosthetic hand.

S17 Prosthetic Arm: Attachment Module Test

This is a test for a prosthetic arm attachment that only require’s straight forward attachment to the humeral bone of the customer instead of the use of an uncomfortable over the shoulder strap piece.

S17 Prosthetic Arm: Iteration of the Arm Design

This post is about the different problems faced during the design of the prosthetic arm and how they were overcome.

S17 Prosthetic Arm: Servo Rotation Accelerometer Test

This test is conducted to make sure that the wrist will work with the accelerometer in order to activate rotation only when it is in the correct position.

S17 Prosthetic Arm: Temperature Sensor Waveform Input Test

For this test, we are checking to make sure that we can record the temperature input as a waveform and use that information to employ the safety mechanism of powering down the PCB if any of the components get too hot.