Goliath Generation #3

Goliath Fall 2017 – Final Blog Post

The goal of this project was to improve on 302 Goliath tank design from the Fall 2016 Class and adapt to a completely different mission goal. The mission was to navigate a 2D paper/cloth maze under remote control and then have the Goliath repeat the route autonomously. For an added challenge an extra version was added that where all bots […]

Goliath Fall 2017 – Final Print Model

Overall the design changes made to improve the ratio were successful, the execution was where I ran into the problems mentioned in a previous post [1]. The added cut outs for the LED display and the i/o port worked as expected. The IR sensor was not used in the mission. An improvement on that cut […]

Goliath Fall 2017 – Final Budget and Expenses

This post is in accordance with the project requirement L1.11, “Budget”. In comparison to both the total expected cost and actual cost column, we could see which resources were supplied, cut, or purchased.A good portion of the components was covered through the use of previous semesters’ components specifically the: motor, 3dot board, and battery. The […]

Goliath Fall 2017 – Design versus Printing Errors

The printing process was complicated because the difference between a design error and a printing error was noted fairly late in the process. The errors were identified on the more intricate panels, left and rights sides. The problems arose after the second print, at which point it was too late to make any substantial design […]

Goliath Fall 2017 – Goliath Arduino Code & Calibration

The purpose of this post is to link to the final Goliath code and explain the overall structure for future use. Secondly, to explain how the code needs to be updated and calibrated to a particular Goliath chassis. Overall, getting the Goliath code to work for this mission involved the creation of 16 files and over […]

Goliath Fall 2017 – Gyro and LED Custom PCB

The custom printed circuit board was designed to include both the gyro sensor and the LED display on the top panel. The LED will display the direction the tank is taking within the maze. By working with my project and division manager the schematic and layout were created on Eagle CAD. The files were not […]

Goliath Fall 2017 – APP Setup and Remote Control User Guide

The goal of this guide is to provide setup for the custom commands needed on the Arxterra APP side in order to control the Goliath running the final code. Secondly, this guide will provide instructions on how to control the goliath correctly from the commands defined.

Goliath Fall 2017 – LED Grid Display

Based on our L1 requirements to have a LED display and the L2 sub-requirements to indicate the next turn direction, having an LED grid display was a stretch goal. After some (what turned out to be pretty simple work) the LED proves very useful in indicating to the user the intended direction when user input is […]

Goliath Fall 2017 – Post PDR Adjustments and 3D prints

After taking a closer look at the IR sensor, I realized that the sensor needed to be relocated to avoid contact with the first motor. The distance between the top panel and the front motor is not large enough to fit the sensor. Although we did consider redesigning the top, the tank will lose its […]