3DoT Chassis

Mission Duration at Maximum Speed

Descriptions, Calculations, and Images by Railan Oviedo (Manufacturing) Description: In order to calculate the mission duration, multiple paths were created and averaged in order to have a rough estimate on the time length. These paths were made intentionally long in distance so as to simulate worst-case scenario situations. Based on the given speeds of the robot*, […]

Maze Dimensions

Written by Elizabeth Nguyen (Project Manager) Measurements taken by Zachary de Bruyn (Electronics & Control) Dimensions: Total width: 132.1 cm. Total length: 144.2 cm. Brown line to wall (green line) varies from 1.7 cm to 2.9 cm. Distance between walls varies: 4.5 cm to 5.4 cm @ the U-bends 4.5 cm to 5.2 cm @ […]

Fall 2017 – 3DoT Chassis Preliminary Design Document & Preliminary Project Plan

By: Elizabeth Nguyen (Project Manager), Melwin Pakpahan (Missions, Systems, and Test Engineer), Yasin Khalil (Electronics & Control Engineer), Zachary de Bruyn (Electronics & Control Engineer), Railan Oviedo (Design & Manufacturing Engineering) Preliminary Design Document Program Objective & Mission Profile Written by Elizabeth Nguyen Program Objective The 3DoT Chassis (the name is expected to be changed) is expected to be […]