Interface Definitions

Interface Definitions By Jimmy Fernandez – Systems Engineer A schematic for the interface definition and a system resource table was generated for the Rover Project.

System and Subsystem Requirements

Level 2 and Level 3 Requirements By Jimmy Fernandez – Systems Engineer System Requirements System requirements for the Rover Project were derived from our on-field testing results and planned course route. Specific system requirements were formed by these field surveying tests. These requirements are necessary to fulfill our top level mission requirements.

Motor Tests

DC Motor Testing By Eduardo Contreras – Computer, Power, and Powertrain Tests: No load current Stall current Stall torque

LED Testing

LED Wavelength Testing By Jose Murillo – Computer, Power, and Powertrain Objective: The objective of this study is to find a suitable wavelength of light to use on the LED emitter so night vision with a phone camera can be achieved.

Infrared Camera Study

Different Infrared Camera Solutions By Jose Murillo OBJECTIVE The objective of this report was to learn about infrared emitters, cameras, and sensors to implement an infrared emitter on the rover.

Field Tests

By Jimmy Fernandez – System Engineer The objective terrain for the Rover project is a small field on the California State University Long Beach campus next to East Campus Rd. A Google Maps link with coordinates is available here.

Rover Weekly Update 2

The Rover Team has been very busy with our preliminary design review presentation and research. Further research on Solar panel and DC motor servo replacement was completed. A solar panel charger circuit was designed by Santiago. Additionally, an anti-vibration reduction, teeth-on-tread track design was selected for our rover thanks to Julian’s tread design research. Julian […]

Rover Weekly Update 1

This week was the rover project’s planning phase week. The rover team researched solar panel technology, looking for suitable options with regards to cost. The team intends to custom design a panel that will fit the chassis design. Furthermore, research was conducted on IR cameras which would make night operation possible. Additions were made to […]

Intro to Rover

Project Manager: Andrew Le Systems Engineering: Jimmy Fernandez Computer, Control and Power Division: Eduardo Contreras and Jose Murillo Manufacturing Division: Santiago Landazuri and Julian Sanz This project is a custom built rover assembled entirely from 3d printed parts. An android phone provides the rover with hardware and software to interface with an external control panel […]