Hexapod Generation #1

Hexapod Trailer Released!

By Anh Tram Do Live and direct everyone. Here is the trailer for the upcoming thriller, Hexapod. Special Thanks to Frank Lima for helping make this happen.

Assembly of Hexapod

Written by: Ramon Luquin Hexapod built by Daniel Berg, David Gonsalez, Anh Tram Do, and Ramon Luquin The Hexapod has been fully molded and assembled. We are working on building the scan and tilt platform. The platform will require some cutting and modification on the body of the Hexapod, and we are looking at different options […]

Hexapod Has Taken Its First Steps!

Written By: Ramon Luquin Coding and Power Train: David Gonsalez Component Research: Anh Tram Do Body Design: Daniel Berg   We have been successful in making the Hexapod walk. After we had mapped out the tripod and wave gaits and coded them on Chop Suey (link to wave gait and tripod gaits blog) we began to […]

Silicone and Resin Molding

By: Ramon Luquin-Project Manager In accordance with the level 2 System Requirement to make the body out of resin (link to system requirements), I made molds for each part of the Hexapod body. The process was a lot of trial and error, but it ultimately provided the results I was hoping for. With the molds […]

Hexapod Size Analysis

By: Ramon Luquin-Project Manager Research by: Daniel Berg, Anh Tram Do, David Gonsalez   3 Degree Of Freedom Joint Design The Hexapod will be built using a 3 jointed leg design to allow for the tripod and wave gaits (link to Hexapod gait analysis). A 4 jointed design would allow for smoother movements and more […]

Terrain Test and Evaluation for Hexapod

By: Anh Tram Do-Systems Engineer Introduction:  Terrain evaluation, the body position, as well as the gait is necessary for the final design of the Hexapod. The terrain testing took place at the East Side Campus Rd, next to the Foundation Building.   Since Hexapod will compete with the Rover, choosing a similar route to maximize […]

Voltage Step Down Regulator

By: David Gonsalez Voltage step-down regulator: The image below is a general design of this regulator, feedback has been left out to keep it simple. When the MOS turns on Vout -Vin is applied across the inductor, this causes current to increase and the current will flow through the inductor, this in turn will charge […]

Tripod 1.0 and 2.0

By: David Gonsalez TRIPOD 1.0 One of the main project requirements for the Hexapod is speed. The Hexapod is to maintain pace with the Rover and use a gait that maximizes speed. While the speed of the Rover is still being worked out at this point, we are confident that the fasted gait algorithm for […]

The Wave Gait

By: David Gonsalez From the system requirements outlined by Anh Do,  one of the requirements is for the Hexapod to have a gait that maximizes speed. In addition, we have an alternate gait that maximizes stability for the Hexapod so we could navigate difficult terrain. As outlined in Anh’s analysis of the gait options for […]

Chop Suey Can Stand 2.0

By: David Gonsalez Creating a smooth and fluent standing movement and small current draw is one of the most important goals for Hexapod. One of the main issues with coding the prototype Chop Suey is running multiple servos simultaneously. We have observed that making all the servos hold at the same time causes the servos […]