UFO Generation #1

Trade-Off Studies

Study #1: Batteries By: Mynor Perez Sizing of the LiPo For this project we will be using three different sources of power to support the ducted fan motors, controlling units, and spy camera. The dirty power will provide power to the motors and the clean power will provide power to the controllers and spy camera. […]

Resource Reports – Mass and Power

By: Anne Stapleton and Mynor Perez Mass Report

Getting the IMU to work with the TinyDuino

By: Carlen Walth After Carlen successfully got the IMU interfacing with the TinyDuino, he configured the IMU’s on-board compass, magnetometer and accelerometer to send serial data back to the PC. The serial data consists of location data (roll, pitch, yaw) and magnetic information (for the heading) as well as velocity data. Then, he calibrated the […]

Pre Burn-in Test Results vs. Post Burn-in

By: Carlen Walth The post burn-in test has been completed and the results show that it was worth it to break in all of the fans before building a prototype.  When placing the data side by side, it is apparent that the post burn-in thrust is better.  The average gain in thrust is about 35 […]

UFO Current Draw Test

Carlen tested the current draw on one of the fans and the results are very positive. With the low timing setting of the speed controllers, we are getting lots of thrust while keeping our current needs well below 27A (which is the specification value for the full current draw of the motor). The gathered data […]

UFO Testing Updates

Although the preliminary thrust test of the six fans has been completed, Carlen has begun to “burn-in” all six fan motors and run another thrust test. “Burning-in” is synonymous with “breaking in” the motors. The motors are “broken in” by running an entire battery cycle through the fans. This sounds like a dangerous test to […]

UFO Controls Updates

Anne bought the perf board for the wireless controller so we can solder the components on to the board and place it in a project box (this will make it more “user-friendly” and appealing to the eye). We already have the joystick, Xbee, and push buttons, so now it is just a matter of acquiring […]

UFO Manufacturing Updates

Greyson will be working for the next couple of weeks on building the vacuform for the top of the UFO body. Grey has also been researching what parts are required to build a vacuform. He has obtained the carbon fiber for the UFO base and will be milling it in the next couple of weeks. […]

UFO Weekly Update 2

Preliminary Model Grey has been working hard to model the preliminary design of the UFO. So far, he has modeled the base and top of the UFO. The holes in the base and top are the cutouts for the ducted fans. The red block symbolizes the LiPo battery, which is placed in its’ own compartment. […]

UFO Weekly Update 1

Project UFO has officially begun! Up to this point, the team has developed project and system requirements, a project schedule, and developed test plans. Testing will begin at the end of this week and extend through next week. Some of the tests that will be performed are: weighing each component on board, measuring and calculating […]