UFO Generation #5

UFO Project Summary

Blogged by James Teng (Project Manager) – 2015 Fall UFO Introduction The purpose of the UFO Ab-ducted Project was to build a quadcopter that could fly through a 40-meter long terrain located at the east turnaround in California State University, Long Beach. The UFO will will have 4 ducted fans as source of thrust to […]

UFO’s Printed Circuit Board

Blogged by Tien-Phuc Huynh (Manufacturing Division) For this semester, we are required to create a custom printed circuit board with some Surface Mount Device (SMD).  We brainstormed and came up with a few circuits to put on the PCB.  First and foremost, we got rid of the bundle of wires previous semester used to distribute […]

YAW Control

Blogged by Danny Arechiga (Electronics & Control Engineer) YAW Control: For YAW control we had several different ideas on how we would be able to stabilize the UFO while it was flying so that it would spin uncontrollably. Our first idea was to implement a reaction wheel which would be spinning in the opposite direction […]

PID Tuning

Blogged by Danny Arechiga (Electronics & Control Engineer)   PID Tuning: Using the same setup as last semester using an inverted chair, we tied the UFO to the legs of a chair for safety precautions. The first step of our tuning process was to set the PID variables of each axis back to its factory […]

UFO Shell’s Production

Blogged by Tien-Phuc Huynh (Manufacturing division) In this project, our objective is to improve upon previous semester’s UFO.  We were given the previous semester’s UFO to work on.  One of our objective is that we must make a new shell to match the UFO from the film The Day the Earth Stood Still, 1951 version. […]

Analog Noise Cancellation

Blogged by Danny Arechiga (Electronics & Control Engineer) Analog Noise Cancellation Blog Figure 1: Analog noise cancellation circuit diagram using two LM358 operational amplifiers to invert and amplify the input signal and play it through a small speaker. Analog noise cancellation is when analog components are implemented to achieve noise cancellation. Using what was learned in […]

Digital Signal Cancellation

Blogged by Marco Nunez (System and Software Division) An idea we had for the UFO was a type of stealth mode. It was suggested by the president of the Robot Company to implement signal cancellation and as such we began to brainstorm what we could do to possibly test this out. This blog is specifically […]

Battery Discharge Characteristics and Voltage Monitor

Blogged by Danny Arechiga (Electronics & Control Engineer) A voltage experiment was conducted using the new battery that was purchased in order to determine how long the battery will last when the UFO is run at 80% throttle continuously. The results from this experiment will help us better understand the discharge characteristics of our battery […]

Custom Programmable LED Light Shows

Blogged by Marco Nunez (System and Software Division)  One of our project requirements was to have the ability to conduct custom programmable LED light shows while the UFO is in flight. This required to first learn about Bluetooth telemetry, Bluetooth setup with the ATmega328P microcontroller, programming the light shows, and setting up the GUI in […]

Creating NeoPixel Ring Lightshow

Blogged by Marco Nunez (System and Software Division) Spring 2015’s blog post regarding the NeoPixel Ring and how to connect and become familiar with its use can be found at https://www.arxterra.com/how-to-light-show/. This post is a quick tutorial to help with creating a custom lightshow that can be used for the Arxterra App. The document that […]