Spring 2016 Pathfinder: Project Tango Module#5 – Android to Arduino Via Bluetooth

By: Xiong Lee (Missions, Systems and Test) Objective: The objective of this test is to be able to send data from Android OS (Java, android studio)  to the Arduino via Bluetooth. We use a simple open source code found on github to see if we can send data to the Arduino. The mission of this […]

Spring 2016 Pathfinder: Project Tango – Interactive Visualization of data from Tango using Paraview

  By: Tuong Vu (E&C – Sensors, Actuators and Power) Peiyuan Xu (Project Manager) Introduction: Google tango tablet can perform depth perception by using point cloud app, however, the  source code of  point cloud app is written in Java with different  modules. This  blog post assumed the reader has no experience in Java  programming, yet […]

Spring 2016 Pathfinder: Current Drawn Test

by: Tuong Vu (Electronics & Control – Sensors, Actuators and Power) Introduction:             This blog post will be explaining the total current drawn from the batteries by the motors. The amount of currents drawn from the batteries are resulted of the wheels experiencing at different friction forces. Different friction forces  correlated […]

Spring 2016 Pathfinder Design and Manufacturing – Tilt System Finalized Design

  by: Lindsay Levanas (Design and Manufacturing) Introduction As previously detailed in the Spring 2016 Pathfinder Design and Manufacturing – Tilt System Design blog post, the tilt system will contain a base that will hold the tablet, phone, and tilt servo.1 While a prototype of this base has already been designed, it was around the […]

Spring 2016 Pathfinder: LED Headlights

by: Juan Acosta (Electronics & Control – MCU Subsystem & Firmware) Introduction: One of our requirements is to have the Pathfinder explore the CSULB campus at night. In order for us to accomplish this objective, we will need a way of maintaining a visible line of sight for the Tango Tablet and Android Phone. So […]

Spring 2016 Pathfinder: Project Tango Preliminary Research

by: Peiyuan Xu (Project Manager) Nicholas Lombardo (Project Assistant)   Introduction: This spring 2016 Pathfinder project will use Google’s Project Tango as a platform to test and implement SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology for autonomous vehicles. Project Tango uses computer vision to give device the ability to know the position in the relative 3D space […]

Spring 2016 Pathfinder Solar Panels Implementation

By: Tuong Vu (Sensors, Actuators and Power) Introduction:         Based on the requirements from the customer, the pathfinder must be able to self – charge its batteries using solar panels. This document explains the requirement for the solar panels and physical implementation based on batteries. The  customer  wants  the  pathfinder  to be  able to run […]

Spring 2016 Pathfinder Design and Manufacturing – Rocker Bogie Suspension System Design

By: Lindsay Levanas (Design and Manufacturing) Introduction The goal of Spring 2016’s Pathfinder is to harbor a Google Tango tablet, phone, solar panels, pan and tilt system and self-contained electronics.1 To support this a rocker bogie suspension system2 will be used. As a purchasable rocker bogie suspension system could not be found to fit the […]

Spring 2016 Pathfinder CSULB Wi-Fi Mapping

By Xiong Lee            (Mission, Systems, and Tests) Introduction: For us to finish our objective, we will need to be able to access the Wi-Fi from CSULB campus. One of our requirements is to have the pathfinder explore the campus and since we need Wi-Fi, we will have to map out the best Wi-Fi signal […]

Spring 2016 Pathfinder: Bluetooth Communication with the Arxterra App

By: Xiong Lee (Systems Engineer) Introduction to Arxterra App: We first had to download the Arxterra App by emailing Jeff Gomes to give us the invitation to download Arxterra. The app has two modes we can access. The first one is remote control and the other is community. The remote control mode allows us to […]