Pathfinder Generation #1

Pathfinder Pin Interface

By: David Belanger (Systems and Test Engineering) Approved By: Daniel Givens (Project Manager) The central system of the Pathfinder rover is the ATmega 2560 microprocessor, embedded on an Arduino Mega ADK.  All Pathfinder subsystems will interface with the Arduino through either the Pololu Motor Shield, or the custom printed circuit board. The Pololu Motor shield […]

Pathfinder Weight and Battery Test

By: Ahmed Arbi (PCB Design and Manufacturing) and Collin Hightower (Sensors, Actuators, and Power) Approved By: Daniel Givens (Project Manager) Introduction: The purpose of this experiment was to measure the current draw of the motors and then compare the results to the manufacturer’s specifications as well as measuring the weight clearance of the Wild Thumper. This […]

Pathfinder Pan and Tilt Camera Platform

By: James Henderson (Control and Image Processing) Approved By: Daniel Givens (Project Manager) Objective: Develop a system that allows for a cellular phone’s camera to examine an area atop the Wild Thumper while remaining fixed to the chassis. Background: The Pathfinder team was given the task of developing a Wild Thumper class rover that will […]

Pathfinder Rover Scan and Tilt 3D Models

Check in with us or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive the latest updates on the release of source code and other downloads as well as Arxterra Park news. We will also be linking our rover design prototype to Instructables and Thingiverse as soon as completed! Pathfinder Rover Scan and Tilt 3d Models […]