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Vapor Phase Final Test

By: Michael Schaub / December 9, 2013 This is the final post for the Fall 2013 vapor phase project. The final test was run with the Galden LS230 and a little bit of water in the tank. It was noted this time that there was quite a bit of popping of the liquid in the […]

Project Documentation

Project Plan Executive Summary   By Michael Schaub / Updated December 2, 2013   The purpose of this project is to construct a vapor phase solder reflowing tank to allow for the soldering of PCBs with surface mount components in a rapid manner with only a few bad solder joints. The project consists of a 12” […]

RTD Testing

By: Jesse Carrera Testing for the resistance temperature detectors (RTD) was performed in order to assess the accuracy of the equipment that will be used to read the temperature at various points within the reflow oven. By doing so, if any inaccuracies are determined they can then be accounted for when programming the stepper motor’s […]

Construction Part 2

By: Kevin Regan Using a 29/64” high speed steel drill bit, four holes were drilled through the aluminum angles and stainless steel box. Drilling through aluminum is not a problem, stainless steel is. The drill bit needed to be sharpened after each hole. A stone grinder was used to sharpen the drill bit. Figure 1 […]

Heating Element Specifications

By: Michael Schaub The heating element in this machine is by far the largest electrical load. So we wanted to get the largest wattage heating element while still being able to stay under the 15 amp limit for a standard household electrical circuit. McMaster Carr part number 3540K43 was chosen for multiple reasons. It is a […]

Galden fluid choice

By: Kevin Regan Information on Vapor Phase Liquids: Depending on what boiling point you want for vapor phase, the following are the best fit for the application: LS200 – $82.25/lb LS215 –$82.25/lb LS230 – $82.25/lb  —- This is the type we used. HS240 – $82.25/lb HS260 – $82.25/lb                                                                                      The LS and HS line is meant […]

Overall Size Design Requirement

By: Michael Schaub The requirement for the maximum size of the circuit board is 10″ x 10″. The requirement is based on one of Kevin’s current other project. He wants to be able to use the machine to solder the parts on his board. This board is smaller than the requirement we made. He also desires […]

Construction Part 1

  Assembly of the reflow oven took place this past Sunday as the welded stainless steel frame was completed and in our hands. The five panels that were intended to make up the body of the tank turned out to be too thin and although they were welded together the end product had a significant […]

Pulley Assembly

By Kevin  Regan   A 12” long angle aluminum shown in figure 1 is prepped for the pulley to be installed. Fig. 1 Pulley hardware

Stepper Requirement Study

This document provides a study to be used in generating the requirements for the stepper/servo motor to be used for lowering the basket in the solvent vapor tank. To determine the minimum weight that will need to be held, lowered, and lifted to and from the tank, the weight of the material in the basket […]