Goliath Generation #1

Spring 2016 3 DOT Goliath IR sensor Code

By: Tae Lee (Systems Engineer) IR Sensor Code To implement the laser tag game we have to show an indication of when the Goliath gets hit by the enemy’s IR LED. This will be shown through the three LEDs we will be using to indicate the number of hits. The following code shown below will […]

Spring 2016 3 DOT Goliath body dimensions

By: Jerry Lui, Rickeisha Brown (Manufacturing Engineers): Given the requirement of having the phone housed within the body of the rover the body must accommodate for the dimensions of the particular phone being used. In this case, a Samsung Galaxy S4 is being used as the camera for the rover and has the dimensions of […]

Spring 2016 3 DOT Goliath Laser Tag Game Safety Requirements for Children

By:  Tae Min Lee (Missions, Systems, and Testing Engineer) We have to make sure that the level 1 requirement for safety has been addressed before we start implementing the laser tag system we will be using for our product. Problem: The first design of implementing the laser tag game was to use a laser module […]

Spring 2016 3 DOT Goliath IR Emitter/Receiver Test

By: :  Tae Min Lee (Missions, Systems, and Testing Engineer)   IR Mid-Range Proximity Sensor Implementing a game of laser tag using IR emitter/receiver will be safe for to play for all ages.  This falls back to one of our level 1 requirements for safety standards for child safe toys.  The figure above shows the connections […]

Spring 2016 3 DOT Goliath Bluetooth Module HC-06 Test

Goliath Bluetooth Module HC-06 Test By:  Tae Min Lee (Mission, Systems, and Testing Engineer) One of the requirements of the Goliath was using the Arxterra Control Panel and the Arxterra application.  Since, the 3Dot board was not given at the time we had to find an alternative to test the Bluetooth module (HC-06).  Before we […]

Spring 2016 3DOT Goliath Laser vs. IR LED Trade-Off Study

By: Kevin Moran (Electronics and Control Engineer), Tae Lee ( Systems Engineer)     Our team’s mission is to decide the better approach for a game of laser tag, either by using lasers and light detecting sensors, or by using IR Receivers and LEDs. From the research we concluded on proceeding to test Photo-resistors and lasers […]

Spring 2016 3DOT Goliath DC Motor Trade-Off Study

By: Kevin Moran (Electronics and Control Engineer) After carefully reviewing motors on the market, the two motors presented above were selected; the GM9-Gear and DG1D motors. These two motors are very easy to obtain and the price is within our cost margins. They require a voltage output that is within the capabilities of the 3DoT […]

Spring 2016 3DOT Goliath Preliminary Design Documentation

By: Ayman Aljohani (Project Manager): MISSION OBJECTIVE: Inspired by the German Goliath, 3DOT Goliath is designed utilizing 3DOT board, with the minimum 3-D printing time. The 3-DOT Goliath will battle 3DOT Spider, tag battle, utilizing optical transmission and receiving device. The 3DOT should be controlled via live camera, periscope, on an Android phone.   REQUIREMENTS […]

Spring 2016 3-DoT Goliath Research and Intro

Ayman Aljohani (Project Manager) Tae Lee (Mission Systems & Test) Kevin Moran (Electronics & Controls) Rickeisha Brown (Manufacturing Division) Jerry Lui (Manufacturing Division) By: Ayman Aljohani (Project Manager): The 3-Dot Goliath is a new project that will be working with a new board referred to as the 3- Dot board. As a project manager, I will […]