Spring 2017 Mini Pathfinder Updated Mission Profile

By: John Her (Project Manager) Introduction The Mini Pathfinder mission has changed since the PDD where it will no longer participate with other robots in a game. Instead, the Mini Pathfinder will have the same mission as the Spring 17’ Pathfinder but scaled down. New Mission Profile We will remotely traverse a course of approximately […]

Spring 2017 Mini Pathfinder Size Calculations Update

By: Johnathan Chan (Manufacturing-Chassis) Intro The size of the Mini Pathfinder will be determined by the size of the 3DoT board. The chassis should the the minimum size needed to encompass the 3DoT. Since the 3DoT has dimensions of 70mm in length and 35mm in width, we used this as part of the basis of […]

Preliminary Project Plan

By Martin Diaz (Project Manager) Adan Rodriguez (Mission System and Test) Moses Holley ( Electronics and Control) John Her (Manufacturing) Edgardo Villalobos (Solar Manufacturing)   WBS By Martin Diaz (PM), Adan Rodriguez(Mission,Systems)   The work breakdown structure organizes the work needed to complete the project by putting task under each engineer. For our WBS the […]

Mini-Pathfinder Spring 2017 Preliminary Design Document

Martin Diaz (Project Manager) Adan Rodriguez (Mission Systems and Test) Moses Holley ( Electronics and Control) John Her ( Manufacturing – Chassis) Edgardo (Manufacturing – Solar ) Program Objective/Mission Profile Objective By Martin Diaz (Project Manager) The Mini-Pathfinder will follow and support a walking robot in a to-be-negotiated Battle. The Mini-Pathfinder will autonomously follow it’s […]