UFO Generation #2

Level 2 Requirements

By Tuan Vo and Elaine Doan Structural Subsystem Requirements The VTOL will use four 55 mm electric ducted fans per the request of the customer. The four fans gives enough thrust to lift themselves, the required electronics for control, and a body.  The body is estimated to be 298g from the fan selection study by […]

Level 1 Requirements

Level 1 Requirements – By: Tuan Vo and Elaine Doan The VTOL will be designed with a flat conical frustum base and a dome (semi-sphere) attached at the top center of the conical frustum to model after the UFO from the movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still. Compare the 3D drawing created by team […]

UFO Introduction with Mission Objective and Desired Look

By Tuan Vo, Project Manager A vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft is one that can ascend vertically into the air and land the same way.  There are many quadcopters and hexacopters that have achieved this feat. The use of electric ducted fans (EDF) to accomplish VTOL and hover flight is rare and have not been […]

Determining the Number of Fans

By Juan Montano Hello, this study will try to determine the number of fans that would be required for the UFO. The number of fans used in the UFO must meet the criteria of achieving lift off at 50% +/- ∆. First, we determined the weight of each component currently provided to us by the […]

Motor Battery Selection

By Jake Rice UFO Abducted must be able to fly around a classroom using ducted fans driven by brushless DC motors. To achieve untethered flight, a battery must be used to power the motors. In selecting a battery for the UFO, the three main considerations are weight, maximum discharge current, and energy capacity. A lithium-polymer […]