Prosthetic Hand

S17 Prosthetic Hand: Final Document

Final Documentation including Critical Design Review Information and files on all the final designs and codes.

S17 Prosthetic Hand: Solidworks Palm Design

The process of designing the palm structure for the prosthetic hand and the adjoining thumb flexion components.

S17 Prosthetic Hand: Solidworks Fingers Design

The process of developing the solidworks designs of the fingers for the prosthetic hand.

S17 Prosthetic Hand: Critical Program Module/Firmware

This is the working process of creating the firmware for the prosthetic hand, to control the motors and the servo in the hand with the flex sensors attached to the customer’s foot.

S17 Prosthetic Hand: Custom PCB Layout Design

In order to control the Hand on this project, it needs two Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) to be wirelessly communicating to each other. One of the PCBs will be placed in the arm and the other in a containment box attached to the customers ankle that would have flex sensors attached on the inside of their shoe.

S17 Prosthetic Hand: Mode Selector Test

The Mode Selector Test is done to check if we can enter different modes using the Flex Sensors that were tested in an earlier blog post to control the movements of the Prosthetic Hand by syncing different types of movements of the hand to different modes that are achieved by syncing the modes to different movements of the flex sensors.

S17 Prosthetic Hand: Xbee Communication Test

We completed this test to verify the hook up of the Xbee so we can design a shield for it, as well as getting the Xbee to be able to send and receive data from a wireless source. Ex hand to foot and vice versa.

S17 Prosthetic Hand: Force Sensor Test

The Prosthetic Hand needs feedback in order to control the force of the grasp, therefore we are testing the force sensors to see if they can detect the force difference of the most minuscule item we have to grasp.