Hexapod Generation #2

Current Draw

Figure 1: Circuit (Voltage showed on voltage meter will be equivalent to current draw from the servo)  By Tien Dang Objective: For the Hexapod project, one of requirement is to determine the maximum current and to make sure the battery provide enough power for 18 servos to be run simultaneously and safely. Servo Current: In […]

Mission Objective

By Mason Nguyen, Project Manager and Elaine Doan A hexapod is a six legged robotic capable of moving in all six degrees of freedom forward/backward, left/right, up/down with the combination of pitch, roll, and yaw rotations.  The objective is to deliver a hexapod that will need to operate safely during class room demonstration, capable of […]


 By Chau To Optoisolator is a component that transfers the signal between 2 isolated circuits. It consists of an LED and a phototransistor as shown in (Figure 1). When a signal is applied at anode (cathode is usually connected to ground), the LED will emit light that shines on the base of the phototransistor turning […]

Hexapod Final Model

By Mason Nguyen, Solid Works model by Vinh Kim After many working hours, Vinh has finally created the real world final 3D hexapod model including the mounted with the cellphone. The hexapod will operate using 19 servos, 18 servos will serve as the hexapod movement while 1 servo will mount at the front to hold […]

Hexapod Forward and Backward Movement Calculation and Algorithm

By Chau To Introduction: Hexapod uses the tripod gait (3-leg combined showed in Figure 1) to perform forward and backward movement. In order for the Hexapod to move in a straight line, it is required all of the servos such as shoulder, femur, and tibia servo to be operated simultaneously. This blog post will give […]

3D Model!

By Mason Nguyen, Project Manager Solid Works simulation by Vinh Kim Solid works model: In order to build a durable and low budget hexapod, resin molding would the primary component for our team to use.  The robot is developed based on a previous version which is focused on the straight-line walking. To enhance its ability […]

Hexapod ADK board

By Mason Nguyen ADK board tested and programmed by Chau To, Tien Dang and Mason Nguyen ADK Board Based on previous objective, the team is to build a hexapod using the wireless control interface. In order to achieve that goal, we need to use the ADK Mega 2560 board where it has the ability to […]